Breast Cancer: Questions to Ask the Health Care Team

Posted by KareOptionsTeam on January 22, 2021

Having a detailed discussion with your healthcare team helps you take an informed decision on your treatment plan and diagnosis. Here's a list of questions you should ask your healthcare team after getting a diagnosis

  1. Is there enough information to recommend a treatment plan for me? If not, which tests or procedures will be needed? Will I need to see other doctors?
  2. What are my treatment plan options?
  3. What treatment plan do you recommend? Why?
  4. Whom would you recommend for a second opinion?
  5. When do I need to make a treatment decision?
  6. Who will be part of my health care team, and what does each member do?
  7. Who will lead my overall treatment?
  8. What is the goal of each treatment? Is it to eliminate the cancer, help me feel better, or both?
  9. What can I do to get ready for treatment?
  10. If I am worried about managing the costs of cancer care, who can help me? Who can help me understand what aspects of my care are covered by my insurance?
  11. If I have questions or problems, who should I call?
  12. Do you communicate with your patients by email or with an electronic health record system?
  13. If have a strong family history of cancer, what is my chance of getting another cancer? How does that change my treatment options? Should I see a genetic counselor?
  14. Do you have a social worker I can speak with?
  15. What should I tell my employer, if anything, and what laws protect my rights as an employee?

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