I have to be my own hero to enjoy my own journey- Radhika Sapra, Ovarian Cancer Warrior

Posted by KareOptionsTeam on February 23, 2021

Name- Radhika Sapra

Cancer- Ovarian cancer, Stage 3rd C

I have to be my own hero to enjoy my own journey

My story as an survivor of Ovarian cancer stage 3rd C and my experience was traumatizing, painful, new learning, my new better self and much more.


I was living far away from my hometown because of major family issues. So I just decided that I will live far away from them to explore myself.I was always constantly feeling that my periods are just so painful from last 10years and no medications are working on it, no exercise is working, no food is working and my mental health is just getting drowned.

Last few days before getting my diagnosis I was feeling numb, living alone can't eat drink anything, heavy bloated big stomach,blood coming from my mouth while puking, can't even walk. So one of my closest friend called my family that my health is getting bad day by day.

My father came and took me from their and we both went to hospital and the doctors told my father immediately that she needs to shift right now in ICU. After getting so many test,scans, biopsy and much more. They told me I have cancer and they can't do anything about it because it has spread to other parts of my body and I have only few months left to live.


At that time I wasn't getting scared of death but the only thing which was coming my way to my brain was that I did nothing , nothing happier to make my life my self happy. I didn't live the life I wanted to and only that thing made my will power so strong that myself needs to push back myself, I have to set myself accordingly, because I lived a life mixed with hell and this is not it is going to end. I have to be my own hero to enjoy my own journey.

So I went through 6×2 chemotherapies, one salphingo oophorectomy surgery and yes that heartbreaking menopause at the age of 22 and I am living with so much of side effects of medicines and yet so much more.

But it's worth the wait ,worth the pain and worth my heartbreak. So many people left me even my mother, my closest people and I am still grateful to my self, my few people and life goes on even it is not going like we want, it still goes on .

It's beautiful you are beautiful

Radhika Sapra....

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